Have you stumbled upon an ad for “Surface Grinders For Sale” recently? Perhaps it was during a clearance sale due to business closures. Regardless, it’s wise to consider purchasing a brand-new surface grinder for several reasons. Firstly, the maintenance history of used surface grinders is often uncertain. Additionally, while the initial cost of a used grinder might seem appealing, the potential for hefty repair expenses and downtime could outweigh any savings. Unless you’re confident in the quality and care of a used grinder, it’s best to explore other options.

New Surface Grinders for Your Business

Instead of settling for used equipment, why not explore the range of new surface grinders available? You can start your search by looking for “new surface grinders for sale” online. Whether you need a basic 6 x 18 manual feed machine or a production-grade grinder with larger capacities and advanced features like auto-feed and a powerful spindle, there’s a wide selection to choose from.

Key Features to Look For

With numerous options on the market, it’s essential to know what features to prioritize when selecting a surface grinder. Weight is a critical factor, indicating the machine’s stability and durability. For example, consider the SGS-2040AHD Automatic Grinder from KENT USA®, which weighs 9,900 pounds, ensuring robust performance. Precision is another crucial aspect to consider. Look for machines with precise down-feed graduations, such as the 0.0001″ graduations of the 20 x 40 machine.

Real-Life Success Stories

Toor Knives, a California-based company, attests to the reliability and performance of Kent USA surface grinders. Owner Connor Toor operates the SGS-2040AHD and its smaller counterpart, the KENT USA® SGS-1640AHD, for 10 hours a day. With these machines, Toor Knives produces thousands of blanks weekly, securing a notable market share in the fixed-blade category. Such success stories demonstrate the value and efficiency of investing in high-quality surface grinders.

Choose a Trusted Partner

When investing in a surface grinder, prioritize a reputable company with a strong service team to support your business needs. Instead of scouring the internet for surface grinders, consider reaching out to KENT USA®. With over 24,000 machines sold worldwide since 1979, they have established themselves as experts in the field of grinding machinery. Trust KENT USA® for your surface grinding needs, and experience the difference quality equipment can make in your operations.