Full Line of CNC Horizontal Turning Centers


2-Axis Horizontal Turning Center

The Kent USA 2-Axis slant bed lathe series combines proven machine design with advance technology in control and manufacturing.  Reliability and stability make these a favorite among demanding job shops and in-house productions alike.  The heavy duty turret and rigid machine body structure enable higher turning efficiency with better finish and longer tool life – resulting in greater productivity and profitability all around.  Upgrade your global competitiveness today.


Not sure which horizontal turning center CNC is for you?

The Kent USA Horizontal Turning Centers

Our broad range of horizontal turning centers offers a variety of bore sizes, bed lengths, and optional features. From basic 2-axis turning to sub-spindle and live turret turning models, there is a Kent CNC turning center to meet your needs. For even larger and more complex jobs, check out our Large BoreHeavy Duty5 Bed Way Extra Long5-Axis Milling Turning, and Double Turret Series.

CNC Turning Uses and Applications

Aerospace, automotive, medical, oil and gas, etc. are some of the industries where CNC turning centers are utilized.  These machines do particularly well with machining round metal parts, bars, tubes, gears, etc.  Multitasking is the word that best describes live tools powered turrets.  Live tooling allows the lathe to mill, drill, bore, turn, and tap workpieces.  The benefit is reduced work-process time, which increases your productivity and profitability.  Kent CNC offers a full range of CNC Turning Centers with live tooling, dual spindles, Y-axis, multiple turrets, and robot tending to meet simple to complex machining applications and solutions.