Full Line of Lathes


Manual Precision Lathes

Kent USA precision lathes are designed for turning medium to heavy workpieces with tighter tolerances. These reliable workhorses feature heavy-duty construction throughout to cut big and heavy workpieces. Our precision lathes are built with a solid full-length casting base. In addition, front-loading chip tray for easier cleaning, adjustable overload feed clutches, and quick reversal feed from apron – all of which come standard.


CNC Precision Lathes

The Kent CNC Precision Teach Lathes Series allows any shop to step up to CNC turning. Its easy to learn teach-in conversational programming enables machinists of any skill level to produce higher quality parts with lower labor costs. These CNC lathes are perfect for machine shops transitioning to CNC and for machine tool technical schools.


Not sure which lathe is for you?

Kent USA Lathes

Kent USA metal lathes have the features you want with the precision and reliability you can depend on for all your turning needs. All of our machines are backed by our 15-month warranty.

Full Range of Manual Lathes for any Application

Precise and higher power turning cutting can be achieved by our Manual Precision Lathes Series. These can accommodate for up to 1120 mm x 8130 mm of working capacity.

Step Up to CNC Lathes

Kent USA offers an easy way for machinists to take advantage of CNC precision without the high learning curve and high cost barrier. Our teach and turn CNCs are available in our precision CNC series. Our CNC lines can accommodate up to 550 mm x 3050 mm of turning capacity.