CNC Heavy Duty Boring Turning Centers


Product Highlights

The Kent CNC Heavy Duty Boring Turning Center Series provides 2 excellent configurations for heavy duty turning for large parts. This series is equipped with big hollow bores ideal for large diameter pipe-type work.

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LD-45 LD-48
Swing Over Bed 44″ 48″
Swing Over Cross Slide 30″ 34″ (Spindle Bore: 6″ to 12″)
35″ (Spindle Bore: 16″ to 21.5″)
Center Height 23″ (Spindle Bore: 6″ to 12″) 34″ (Spindle Bore: 25″ to 12″)
35″ (Spindle Bore: 26″ to 21.5″)
Distance Between Centers 47″ (Opt. up to 322″)
Carriage Type Dove Tail
Carriage Width 37.4″
Cross Slide Width 15.7″
Bed Width 24″
Machine Length 270″ (Opt. up to 543″)
Bed Way 3V Ways and 1 Flat Way
Controller Fanuc 0i-TF
X-Axis Servo Motor 4HP / 5.4 HP
Z-Axis Servo Motor 5.4HP / 9.4HP
Spindle Motor 30HP/35HP (Opt. 40HP/50HP)
Spindle Bore 6″ (Opt. up to 21.5″)
Spindle Nose A2-11 (Opt. up to A2-28)
Spindle Speed 9-600 RPM (Opt. up to 5-220 RPM)
Spindle Center MT#6
Turret Mode H4-350 V8-160
(Opt. H4-350 VDI, V12-160, V12-Live Tooling ODT-N-25)
Tool Size 1.26″
Quill Diameter 6.5″
Quill Stroke 9.8″
Tailstock Center MT#6
Body Movement Motorized
Quill Movement Motorized/Manual (Opt. Hydraulic)
X-Axis Rapid Traverse 6000 mm/min
X-Axis Ballscrew Diameter 40mm x P5
X-Axis Feed Range 0.1-3000 mm/min
X-Axis Stroke 26″
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse 6000 mm/min
Z-Axis Ballscrew Diameter 63 mm/min x P10
Z-Axis Feed Range 0.1-3000 mm/min
Z-Axis Stroke 40″ (Opt. up to 315″)
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Standard Accessories

  • Lubrication Pump

  • Coolant Pump

  • Hydraulic Pump

  • Rear (and front on some models) chip conveyor

  • 2 Front door + Rear splash guard (Opt. Fully enclosed guard)

Optional Accessories

  • X/Z-Axis linear encoder

  • C-Axis system

  • Steady rest

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