CNC Large Bore Turning Centers


Product Highlights

The Kent CNC Heavy Duty Boring Turning Center Series provides 2 excellent configurations for heavy duty turning for large parts. This series is equipped with big hollow bores ideal for large diameter pipe-type work. The Kent CNC Large Bore Turning Center Series features up to 400 inches of bed, 12 inches in spindle bore diameter, and over 15,000 lbs of turning capacity. Designed for rigidity and precision, the Kent CNC large bore turning series can be equipped with up to 35 HP of spindle motor to perform heavy duty cutting and deep hole machining. In addition, this series is equipped with big hollow bores ideal for large diameter pipe-type work. Roller brackets are installed for heavy duty large workpieces with up to 20 inches in diameter.

One-Piece Fabricated Bed

The massive bed is built from high quality Meehanite cast iron, and stress relieved for prolonged heavy duty operations. In addition, the bedways are induction hardened to hardness of HRC 52~54, and precision ground to achieve high straightness accuracy. The bed is also designed with triple “V” and one flat slideway to increase machining dependability and precision.

Rigid Spindle

All gears are manufactured from high quality nickel chrome-molybdenum alloy steel in combination with a large module design. With the increased tooth module and gear width, the gears have larger contact surfaces for more durability and longer lifespan.

Our precision lathes are turned for ultimate performance through dynamic balance testing. The spindle is supported by high precision taper roller bearings. Also, an auto-lubrication system is equipped for headstock gears and spindle bearings.


The TA Series comes standard with an H4 hydraulic turret which holds 4 tools and can be quickly swiveled to cutting position. Optionally, a V8 hydraulic turret can be equipped to accommodate up to 8 tools. It also features high indexing accuracy, random tool selection and fast tool change times.

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TA-30 TA-34
Swing Over Bed 30″ 34″
Swing Over Cross Slide 15.7″ 19.7″
Center Height 15.4″ 17.3″
Distance Between Centers 52″ (Opt. up to 210″)
Carriage Type Dove Tail Type
Carriage Width 35″
Cross Slide Width 13.8″
Bed Width 20″
Machine Length 240″ (Opt. up to 400″)
Bed Way 3V Way and 1 Flat Way
Controller Fanuc 0i-TF
X-Axis Servo Motor 4HP / 5.4 HP
Z-Axis Servo Motor 5.4HP / 9.4HP
Spindle Motor 25HP/30HP (Opt. 30HP/35HP)
Spindle Bore 4″ (Opt. up to 12″)
Spindle Nose A2-8 (Opt. up to A2-20)
Spindle Speed 6-100 RPM (Opt. 5-400 RPM)
Spindle Center MT#6
Turret Mode H4-250 (Opt. V8-100, V12-100, H$-250VDI)
Tool Size 1.26″ (Opt. 1″)
Quill Diameter 4.13″
Quill Stroke 7.87″
Tailstock Center MT#6 live center
Body Movement Motorized
Quill Movement Motorized
X-Axis Rapid Traverse 236 ipm
X-Axis Ballscrew Diameter 40 mm x P5
X-Axis Feed Range 0.00393 – 118 ipm
X-Axis Stroke 19.6″
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse 236 ipm
Z-Axis Ballscrew Diameter 2.48″ x P10
Z-Axis Feed Range 0.00393 – 118 ipm
Z-Axis Stroke 40″ (Opt. up to 200″)
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Standard Accessories

  • Lubrication Pump

  • Coolant Pump

  • Hydraulic Pump

  • Rear (and front on some models) chip conveyor

  • 2 Front door + Rear splash guard (Opt. Fully enclosed guard)


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